Exterior wash

The technology is based on the idea that with the use of a few litters of water (approx. 2-4 litter/car) we clean your car. Our applied technology is based on methods that are using manual technics. We move from step to step and from piece to piece during the wash of your car. To follow the technological sequence is important in order to guarantee the requested quality.
The first step is that we spray the body of the car with the combination of a car wash liquid and water. This mist is produced by the low-pressure suction pump within the mobile unit and is sprayed by the sprayer at the end of the hose-pipe onto the surface that needs cleaning. Typical of the amount of the mist used is that none gets to the ground from the body of the car.
The dirt and dust from the body of the car, after being mellowed by the washing liquid, is wiped off by a micro fabric cloth that has a big capacity of taking in wet. It is forbidden to push the cloth onto the body of the car during cleaning. The wet is 100% taken in from the surface by the cloth. When the cloth gets dirty it can be washed in the basin designed for this purpose in the mobile unit with the help of the sprayer. The waste water produced here gets into the waste water container which is important because we protect the environment from every pollutions.
The second step is that we wipe the body of the car dry with an other type of micro fabric cloth. After drying we treat the plastic and the rubber parts with the appropriate treatment. We spray the special liquid with a sprayer onto the plastic and rubber parts then with the help of a sponge, tucker or brush we spread it through equally on the surface, then if it is needed we wipe it through once again.
With a window cleaner we clean the glass surfaces by spraying a tiny amount with a sprayer onto the glass then with a micro fabric cloth we wipe it clean/dry.

A felni tisztítás során egy használt mikroszálas kendőt a kerék elé helyezünk, hogy az esetlegesen megfolyó vegyszer ne a földre kerüljön.
A felni tisztító vegyszert szórófejes flakonból a tisztítandó felületre permetezzük, majd mikroszálas kendővel áttöröljük. Amennyiben az ügyfél kéri, az autó karosszériáját átwaxoljuk úgy, hogy a szórófejes flakonban lévő waxot a felületre permetezzük, majd áttöröljük a karosszériát egy mikroszálas kendővel. Ebben az esetben az utolsó lépés az üvegtisztítás. Ezzel a külső tisztítás folyamata befejeződött. Az autó környezete a teljes folyamat alatt tiszta marad.

When cleaning the wheels we put a used micro fabric cloth onto the ground to avoid any liquid escaping into the soil. We spray the wheel cleaning liquid onto the wheels then we wipe them with a micro fabric cloth. If it is requested by the client we put wax on the body of the car with a wax sprayer and we use a micro fabric cloth to wipe it. In this case the last step is the window cleaning. By this the exterior cleaning is ended. The environment around the car stayed clean throughout the whole process.

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